For shops and displays

Låt dig inspireras och samla ideer. Att visa upp produkter i butiken på ett bra sätt kan vara skillnaden mellan en succé och en hyllvärmare. Här visare vi bilder på displayer vi själva har testat. Vi hjälper dig gärna att hitta lösningar som passar just din butik.

brass rings with stones displaid in black boxes

Ring displays

We offer display trays for rings. It makes it easy for customers to see all models.

You can choose to buy the products with hang tags from us. Our packaging is made from recycled, so-called craft paper.

Feel free to use wood, leather, fur or stone to display the products on.

Wooden bowls and dishes give a natural feel. You can often find unique items at a good price at flea markets.

Displaying goods on pieces or slabs of slate provides a nice contrast.

Personal advice

Together we can make a difference

Nordlys is a small company and a small cog in a large machinery. But through our active choices and our customers, we still believe we can contribute to a sustainable future. We constantly try to improve and carefully consider all our choices based on sustainability, such as our choice of production, materials, shipping, marketing and production methods.

One of our goals is to make crafts
available to everyone, so therefore the production cost in relation to e.g. transport emissions is also an important issue for us. Our aim to have all production as close to us as possible is balanced against the opportunity to support vulnerable groups and to help preserve crafts and traditions in parts of the world where the original tradition is preserved. Today, a fairly large part of our manufacturing takes place in India and Nepal, countries with both great poverty but also extremely rich in culture, traditions and, above all, craftsmanship. This also creates a responsibility for us as the client to ensure that our production meets the strict requirements for sustainability that we set.

display of viking jewelry in a shop pendents earrings and rings