Kings Valley Viking Sword
Kings Valley Viking Sword
Kings Valley Viking Sword

Nordlys Viking

Kings Valley Viking Sword

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Kings Valley Viking Sword

Linnavångsvägen 7.

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

Linnavångsvägen 7
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 With its long and flexible blade, thin blood notch and with the incredibly beautiful and detailed scabbard, it is truly a sword worthy of a king. Handcrafted in the Viking age way from high quality steel, hardened in oil and tempered in the traditional way over a kolasse makes this sword something for every collector. The blade is marked with the Nordlys™ "smith's mark" so you can be sure that you have a genuine sword from our own forge.

 The handle is wrapped in brown leather and has a period-typical three-lobed button and a slightly arched paring bar, which classifies the sword model as type S according to Jan Petersen. The leather scabbard is handmade with a wooden core, covered with leather, has a wooden belt bridge and is decorated with blood red leather straps and with a bronze dip shoe with intricate patterns. Viking-era swords were traditionally worn with two belts, one across the chest and one around the waist to distribute the weight of the sword and ran through a buckle on the scabbard called a belt bridge.

As the sword is not blunt (does not have a rounded egg), it is not recommended for martial arts, but intended for collectors, for decorative or ceremonial purposes.


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