Bracelet with semi-precious stones
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Bracelet with semi-precious stones
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Bracelet with semi-precious stones
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Bracelet with semi-precious stones

Nordlys Viking

Bracelet with semi-precious stones

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Bracelet with semi-precious stones


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A beautiful and historical design inspired by the Byzantine Empire in the Viking Age.

All our brass bracelets are nickel and cadmium-free, are handmade by skilled artisans and these also have a mounted half gemstone. Since the stones are genuine, they also vary slightly in appearance - some with more shine, others with more detail. Brass is a soft metal, and therefore it is easy to attach the bracelet to any wrist. When the bracelet is spiral, you can “screw” it on the lower arm. 

Brass was a typical material in the Viking Age – it had the same value as bronze because they looked very similar. The Vikings were not masters of chemistry, so they did bronze jewellery in some regions and in other regions of brass. Several jewelry made from half gemstone or mounted with a half gemstone has been found in Viking graves. They were brought to Scandinavia from the Byzantine Empire, after traders returned from their long journeys.


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