Mammen varg, Mammen wolf
Mammen varg, Mammen wolf
Mammen varg, Mammen wolf

Nordlys Viking

Hand-carved horn mug, Mother wolf

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Hand-carved horn mug, Mother wolf


Linnavångsvägen 7.

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

Linnavångsvägen 7
295 74 Näsum


Impress anyone with this unique hand carved horn mug. To be able to produce these outstanding works of art, our artisans have first searched through hundreds of horns in their search for horns that are strong enough in material. To be as thick in the goods as 10mm, the horns must come from real monsters to bulls. When the right horn is found, the many hours long process of cutting, grinding and polishing begins. The unique color and shape of each horn combined with the skill of the craftsman and the power of the motif create a unique masterpiece of a quality rarely seen today.

The outside of the mug has been shaped, hand carved, sanded and polished for many hours to achieve its final look and high gloss finish. While the inside is polished and sealed with a special varnish approved for food containers.


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