Necklace Enride
Necklace Enride
Necklace Enride
Necklace Enride
Necklace Enride

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Necklace Enride

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Pickup available at Linnavångsvägen 7. Usually ready in 2-4 days

Necklace Enride

Linnavångsvägen 7.

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

Linnavångsvägen 7
295 74 Näsum


For protection and prosperity, we've put together the beautiful cod hammer from Mickels, with a Greek coin unearthed from the dark mire. The coins from distant lands were often used as amulets and jewelry by the Vikings. Perhaps to show how far you have traveled yourself. Here, the coin also provides a nice background and framing for the hammer. This necklace is part of our design series of complete pagan necklaces, where we have combined various historical pendants with leather, bone and horn to create a Viking jewelry that suits everyone, then and now. As organic material such as leather, wood and horn are not preserved in the ground over time, we do not know much about what the Vikings' jewelery looked like. What you find is the metal, stone and glass that has been preserved. With these necklaces, we have therefore created a vision of how these pieces of jewelery might have been put together and worn. 


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